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I loved Slovenia.

Iceland, though nice and mystical was a little too hyped up (in my mind). I needed a quieter place to relax. I chose to go to Slovenia because of Lake Bled and Soca River. It was definitely a more unknown country to me. I read tons of blogs, Googled information and booked an adventure tour. Some plans changed but it changed for the better. I had the opportunity to visit a small town (where I was the only Asian face walking around), I ziplined through the mountains, I walked behind waterfalls, hiked to the top of waterfalls, twirled around at the top of a hill, made friends with a hostel dorm mate and spent the day together – it was just perfect.


I woke up early one morning, before sunrise to cycle around Lake Bled. The peace and quiet was just too much – I had to stop and breathe it in. While I was sitting on the ground, watching the sun slowly appear, I remember thinking, “I can totally picture myself living here!” And this is coming from a city girl.

(at Vintgar Gorge…which was closed but my new friend, Heidi and I slipped under the ropes)
I had more quiet time in Slovenia than I ever had in a long time. My guide brought me to the Soca River and we removed our shoes to dip our feet in the cold water. We sat in silence. Life moved slowly. It was blissful.
I was scared to miss out on moments. Miss out on the beauty of the country. For the first time in my life, I actually bothered to listen about the history of a country. I actually asked questions. My thoughts changed from “I could live here” to “I want to live here!”. The thought of leaving family and friends and moving to Slovenia appealed to me (and now, if given the chance to move there, I still would want to).
Then I took the bus from Bled to Ljubljana. Lake Bled and the surrounding little town(s) were magical and akin to living in a fairytale (minus the Prince Charming). But Ljubljana was charming and creative. I loved the creative vibe of the city. I only had one day in the city but it was enough to leave me impressed. It definitely helped that the best gelato I ate during my Europe trip was in Ljubljana. 🙂
Don’t even get me started on the hostels. Castle Hostel in Bled had a homey warmth that was lacking at most the hostels I stayed. People cooked and shared food, one of the hostel owner, Miha, was young Slovenian guy that was helpful and friendly. For 9.99 Euros a night, it was a steal! Then I arrived at Ljubljana. Tresor Hostel was more hotel-like (complete with curtains around the beds) but I loved it as much as Castle Hostel. It also had thought-provoking quotes on almost every wall – win. And it was a former bank! Which meant that I went exploring at the bank-vault-turned-pantry. Awesome.
I want need will go back and explore more of the country.
June 23, 2016
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