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So this being my first solo trip, what are my thoughts?

Firstly, despite my parents, family, colleagues and friends’ fears, it is safe. I have not been mugged or beaten up- yet (I still have two days of solo traveling left). I am not stupid enough to go to the red light areas and generally unsafe areas. Grandma told me not to accept drinks from strangers. My good friend told me not to meet a guy, fall madly in love and elope. Well, that isn’t happening.

Secondly, taking the bus from state to state in the US is safe. So far I have taken the bus from NYC to Washington DC (4 hours from 2-6pm) and early this morning I caught the bus from DC to Philly. A lot of the people taking the bus are students and professionals.

Third, hostels are fine- just that it feels like I’m walking on egg shells in the room trying not to make too much noise as I pack my stuff. However, the shower area is an open area with just shower curtains…I was kinda uncomfortable at first but there was no one in the shower area at the same. So that was good.

Forth, traveling alone is awesome! I got over my dislike of eating alone. I now just go up to the counter and order. I have been Yelping places to eat. And I kinda long for Asian food now. The portions here are HUGE!!

Fifth, I was supposed to take the Greyhound bus from Philly to NYC tomorrow but because I found Philly so boring (sorry, Philly!) I bought a Bolt bus ticket that leaves early in the morning. So I would reach NYC at about 11am instead of  9pm. NYC in definitely more vibrant than DC and Philly. If I was traveling with people I would have to go along with the flow unless I was the one in charge.

Six, I felt the urge to just sit at a bench for some quiet time today. So I  just sat. I didn’t have to ask my travel partners if we could stop. I didn’t have to make small talk.

But with it all said and done. Solo travel can be a little bit lonely. I know people say that its the best way to make friends but I’m not the sort that likes to make friends left right and center.
Were there moments when I wished I was with someone? Be it a friend, sibling, partner? Yes. But do I actively wish for someone to travel with at this point of time. No, I think I needed this solo trip.

Everyone should travel alone at least once in their life. Not only will you find out more about yourself but you would get to know your traveling style. I already know that I am not a fan of bland-ish cities and too much history. I rather have road trips…which makes me sad that I only have one bus ride left. I LOVE cruising down the highway.

Would I do another solo trip? Yes, I would.

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