solo europe trip | iceland | S$2,900+ in one week

It has been six months since I was in Iceland. Six busy months. Though I had my expenses all neatly typed out in a spreadsheet, it took quite some time to finally write this post.

I had a set amount that I know I wanted spend when in Iceland. After my US trip where I had overspent and blew a hole in my savings, I knew I needed more restrain. It also helped that I had limited baggage space (which meant less shopping).

As mentioned in my one of my Europe posts, I visited 3 (or 4) countries within the 2+ week period. It was a tad ambitious but it totally worked for me. And since I did it that way, I divided my SIN-LHR ticket cost into 3. But let’s say you decide to visit Iceland and Iceland alone, I’ve also included the cost in a separate table so that you can see the total cost.

You can see what I did and ate when I was in Iceland here and here. This trip wasn’t exactly a budget trip…yes, I had a budget but it wasn’t a ‘poor budget’ trip. Do I make sense?

Had I controlled my miscellaneous spending (which was mainly food and (not so much) shopping), I think I would have spent about S$400. But that would have meant no indulgent dinners/lunches, no lopapeysa and had I been more prepared, I could’ve save S$86.97 instead of buying a Icewear beanie and gloves.

My style of traveling now might not fit everyone. I would rather save on accommodation and transportation…and spend on food. The eternal foodie. 🙂

Alright, I will stop here…you can look at the tables below to see what I spent in Iceland.




September 16, 2016
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