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I’m not going to say how much I spent…because the total cost breaks my heart. But between an uni meal, King crab leg for two breakfasts…and more…it definitely ate into my budget. But my stomach was mostly happy.

I used the cash I changed + my DBS debit card with the DBS Multi-Currency Autosave function. I most probably exceeded my budget. Not fun.

What did I spend on? Food. And more food. Snacks, a pair of glasses from Owndays and a Zojirushi bottle. But mainly food. So yah, how much I spent will not be a good guideline because everyone will have their own budgets and will spend on different things. Every budget will be different.

We did not spend any money on sightseeing (no entrance fees) and other miscellaneous transportation fees (like cab rides). We walked (a lot) and did the free stuff (like going to see the Tokyo skyline from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building). I’ll go into more details in the later posts. But first, here’s a quick look at our itinerary:

Day 1: Singapore –> HCMC

Day 2: HCMC –> Narita –> Tokyo –> Hakodate

Day 3: Hakodate –> Onuma Quasi National Park –> Hakodate

Day 4: Hakodate –> Tokyo –> Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Day 5: Tokyo –> Kyoto –> Tokyo

Day 6: Tokyo –> Yokohama –> Tokyo

Day 7: Tokyo

Day 8: Tokyo –> Echigo-Yuzawa

Day 9: Tokyo –> Narita Airport

Day 10: Narita –> HCMC –> Singapore

I’ll delve into each of our days soon…soon enough, I hope. I have yet to transfer my pictures over from the camera to my Mac. Till then, I might just have random posts pop up. 😀

February 8, 2017
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