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So, while I mentally compile my Japan posts (and get the sisters to compile their posts as well), I thought it would be fun to share some random facts about me (and some of it would pertain to traveling as well). Here goes!

• I used to be okay with sharing photos of myself for the www to see. I’ve since become much more private and only share back pictures or pictures where my face if covered. Yes, sometimes people find it weird when I ask them to take pictures of my back.

• But I share pictures showing my face on my FB and private IG accounts. Reason being that almost everyone on my FB and IG account are people I know/met in real life.

• I like to do travel planning. But there are times where I just like to wing it.

• I take photos of everything – from food to signs to random stuff that cross my path.

• I don’t like to pay for workshops/courses when I can learn whatever it is they are teaching on my own.

• I am very random.

• I tend to zone out (not purposely) when my brain is not engaged.

• I cannot stop myself from falling asleep when I’m just sitting down and doing nothing.

• If a place doesn’t capture my interest, I move on. Quickly. Very quickly.

• Just a few months ago, I would promptly reply every text/important email I receive. Now? I have a habit of forgetting to reply people.

• I like to go around barefooted. I do it in office.

• I do not wear my glasses at home.

February 7, 2017
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