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When I was looking at ticket prices for our Japan trip, the cheapest ticket that jumped out at me was Vietnam Airlines. Before we booked our tickets, I shot off a message to a friend and asked if the airlines was ‘okay’…the friend said it was fine. And so I booked.

I had no idea what to expect from them as there wasn’t much reviews online. But I thought that it would be alright enough seeing that it was a national carrier. Thus, unknowingly having very low expectations, the sisters and I boarded the plane and were blown away. There is nothing bad I can say about the airlines. Perhaps we were lucky to have the good planes or maybe all their planes are that good but I’m nothing short of impressed.

Let’s talk about the seats. We took the 3-3 configuration plane (don’t ask me what kind of plane it was) from Singapore to HCMC. When we got to our seats and settled down, we wriggled around for a while, awed by the spaciousness of the seats. I could even sit in my favorite position without bumping knees with my sister – the ever so comfortable cross legged pose. Then we took a few selfies and shot off the pictures to the family group chat and raved about the airlines, even before taking off. It didn’t matter that there was no seat entertainment (aka personal screens) the flight was short enough for us to read an ebook or two.

Sorry for the faces but we’re quite protective of our faces. Besides, the hearts look way better than us. Trust me. 

We landed in HCMC soon enough and grabbed a bowl of pho to eat. Then we became vagabonds and sprawled on the chairs – waiting for our next flight.

Time passed. We nua-ed for a while and read more ebooks. Then at 12:50am, we took off for a 5 hour ride to Tokyo. This time, the plane was the Airbus A321. The plane was wider but the seats were narrower. Not that much of a problem because we are small-ish Asians.

The flight wasn’t full and we saw some people sprawled out on all three seats. Unfortunately, the three of us were seated together and could not do that. It was okay, since we were tired and ready to crash.

We snuggled into our jackets and blankets and fell asleep. The plane was quiet and all was calm. 

Before I touch on the flight back, we need to talk about food. The sisters’ colleague told them that the food on Vietnam Airlines was blend so we set our expectations low. The food was meh-ish. Nothing much to rave about – but aren’t most airlines food meh-ish? The bread was warm though! 

What about the staff? I’m not a fan of air stewards/ess dropping by our seats every so often. The staff were unobtrusive and polite. Much better than a certain airlines that starts with S and ends with T.

On our flight back, we experienced turbulence like I’ve never experienced recently. Being a fan of turbulence, the almost 3-4 hours of rocking didn’t bother me much. However, Sister #5 had a terrified look on her face the entire time. Poor girl. The seat belt signs were on for prolonged periods of time and I saw green faced humans near the toilets. But the crew (and pilot) handled it perfectly.

Would I ever take Vietnam Airlines again? Yes. Any complains? No. And what was the worst airlines I’ve tried? Asiana. Please avoid it at all cost.

April 4, 2017
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