About Me

Hi! My name is V. You can call me…V. 🙂 I’m a Singaporean girl in my late-twenties. I live a rather normal Singaporean life with a normal office job. Once (or twice, or trice) a year I try to get out of my tinny tiny country to take a breather and see more of the world. Sometimes I take one or two of my (seven siblings) along. Yes, we share the same parents.

To date I have been to 15 countries (as at February 2017) and will explore another 4 new countries in 2017!

When I was younger, I once asked my mother if I could ‘sit on an ‘airplane’. She said I could…when I started earning my own money. So at 19, I took my first flight to Hong Kong (a company trip). The travel bug bit me there and then.

From 2009 – 2014, I traveled with family and friends…solo travel? It was never on my radar. Then came 2015…I took my first (semi) solo trip to the United States, I explored New York City with my cousin then she went back home while I took buses interstate and explored DC and Philadelphia on my own. I then traveled down to where the said cousin lived and spent a week exploring a tiny bit of Texas – renting a car to drive around.

Solo travel? Yes please. In 2016, I planned my solo trip to Europe – visiting UK, Iceland, Italy and Slovenia.

Besides traveling I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, going to church, reading, eating (I’m a foodie), cooking (once in a while), doing photography part-time (not so often nowadays), brush lettering, and of course, I also spend time researching on my next destination. But more often than not, my days are spent in the office working. Because let’s face it, it pays the bills. 🙂

And just so anyone wonders: I’m not a trust fund baby (I wish), neither do I have rich parents, I don’t earn 10k per month (I also wish) and I have 21 days leave a year. And yes, I do have to help support my family. I just live within my means and budget carefully.


I named this blog ‘Captured Wanders’ because 1. I’m a photographer (and I love capturing memories/moment) and 2. because I capture my wanders. This blog won’t contain just travel information and tips, but my thoughts and wordy ramblings. Pardon me.

Why I’m faceless: there was a point in my life when I didn’t showing the world who I was. Time passed and I’ve grown more private about my life – in a sense that I’m not that keen on featuring my face. Perhaps that would change one day. But till then, I’ll continue taking back selfies. 🙂

June 23, 2016